Advanced Medical Thermography

I was hired to come up with a logo for this pro­ce­dure which records ther­mal val­ues of tis­sues but not exclu­sive­ly of the breast.  The logo design was based on my obser­va­tion of a patient under­go­ing a breast ther­mog­ra­phy pro­ce­dure.  With subject’s hands behind her head, the posi­tion resem­bled an eye, and this pro­ce­dure lets us take a look at the body.  The col­ors cho­sen were in the cool spec­trum since warmer col­ors are usu­al­ly indica­tive of inflam­ma­tion, and research has shown that inflam­ma­tion is often a pre­cur­sor to dis­ease processes.