Every so often, a job comes along that was start­ed by some­one else.  I include part of  it here because I’d nev­er cre­at­ed a trib­ute book before. In fact, I nev­er even knew what a trib­ute book was before this job came along.

Enclosed were the tab pages.  For those who are not famil­iar, a trib­ute book is a fundrais­ing doc­u­ment. Donors pay, depend­ing on the size of the ad, mon­ey to have their mes­sage seen by oth­ers.  There are enough print­ed books so every­one sees how much mon­ey every­one else con­tributed, and of course they get to read the mes­sages as well.

I did not come up with the design idea for this book but am proud of the exact­ing detail in its exe­cu­tion.