In Memory of Kay Shultz:

Motherloss is a topic I’m deeply familiar with and sensitive to. So, when my dear friend and colleague from chiropractic college called me to say her mom had passed and could I help with a handout for her memorial, I placed my self at her service.  There were restrictions and deadlines as there always are.  She was in Pennsylvania and I am in los angeles.  The memorial was two days away and we had to pull this together from scratch.   She called me from the car where she was with her brothers on the way to their house from the airport.  I suggested my favorite method for generating text based on Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones.   Since her family wasn’t keen on writing, I suggested she apply the same technique and have members of the family recount stories and memories they wanted to share about their mom, while she wrote it down for them.  My job was to take the best slivers of stories and create this document that would be worth saving.   The cutouts featured are a multigeneral legacy of scherenschnitte (german for “scissor cuts”) and which followed the family from Germany to Pennsylvania.  They were printed in Los Angeles and sent overnight via Federal Express in time for the memorial service.